about our sturgeons

as you know we owns 2 sturgeon farms that one of them is located in north of Iran and using Caspian sea water and other one that located on south of Iran and using fresh water by 12 to 16 temperature degree .

our sturgeon fishes that using for meal at least must have 3.5 years old to can divide them from female sturgeons ( caviar sturgeons ) .

our sturgeons sizes and types

our sturgeon fishes size are depends on kind of sturgeon :

1- beluga 

2- baerii



that will start from 5 kg to up  

our annual producing of sturgeon meat is 300 tons 

the processing types

our processing types divided to 5 different type 

1- whole round   ( by losing 0% of weight)

2- whole gutted   ( by losing 20% of weight )

3- headed / gutted   ( by losing 30% of weight )

4- stack   ( by losing 40% of weight )

5- filet    ( by losing 50% of weight )

packing types

our packing terms are depends on to shipped fresh or frozen . 

for fresh type cause of big size of fishes we advice to our buyers to get stack or fillet .

in that way we use 2 separator plastic which dividing fish from ice powder inside the Styrofoam refrigerator box .

our fresh products shelf life is 7 days . 

but for frozen shipment our buyers can order all types of processing .

for whole round , gutted and headed / gutted we have 2 types of packing : 

# single plastic with bulk plastic cover on the pallet .

# single plastic inside the special  carton for each fish 

for frozen stack and filet we can offer 10 up to 20 kg

cartons packing , vacuum and other else packing method that the buyer will order .  

our frozen products shelf life is 9 to 12 months .

one of our sturgeon farms