About our caviar's

as you know the Iranian black caviar’s are the high quality caviar in the world . 

we owns 2 sturgeon farms which one of them located in north of Iran that using Caspian sea water and other one is located on south of Iran that using fresh water .   

our caviar's types

we produce 4 kind of sturgeon fishes in our farms that most of them are beluga fish . 

1- beluga       2- osetra      3 – sevrugs      4 – baerii

as you know female sturgeon fishes to get  are reach puberty from 7 to 15 years old depends on kind of sturgeon .

our produce 2 class of caviar for each kind of our caviar’s . 

imperial : the imperial caviar is the caviar by size of each egg from  3.1 mm to up 

royal ( A grade ) : the royal caviar is the caviar by size of each egg from 2.8 mm to 3.00 mm   

 lot of factors are involved in grading caviars that will explain you in next section . 

Caviar Rating Basics

For other people who are not accustomed to the delicacy we call caviar, all these things taste and cost the same.
But that is not the case. Like any other thing, there is a hierarchy in the realm of caviars in the form of caviar grades. It is noteworthy to state that the grading is a unique feature of caviars originating from Iran and it can only be done by an expert caviar processor. (To become an expert in caviar-making, it takes 10 to 15 years of apprenticeship under strict supervision.)

But now, here is a chance to know basic things about caviar rating by keeping in mind the following facts and guidelines.


The Factors In Rating Caviars:

A lot of factors are involved in grading caviars. Such factors are as follows:

Egg Uniformity

This refers to the general appearance of the caviar. Generally, a good kind of caviar has consistency when it comes to egg characteristics such as color, size, etc. This factor takes into consideration the precise grouping of eggs in caviar making.

Egg Size

Depending on the sturgeon kind from which the eggs came from, caviars have corresponding sizes. For example, Beluga caviars must have grains the size of a pea. If the eggs fit the expected egg size, it only means that the eggs used are mature and fit for caviar making.

Egg Color

Egg color determines the quality of the caviar. Eggs vary in color, depending on the age of the sturgeons from which it came from. In the case of Osetra caviars, the color of the egg faints (from dark grey to golden brown) as the sturgeon fish matures.

Egg Maturity

Caviars taste better when they are processed in their prime age. The best quality Sevruga caviars are processed from roe which came from Stellate sturgeons within 18 to 22 years old.

Separation Of Egg Grains

The egg separation has something to do with the way the eggs have been processed. It answers how delicate the process of sieving took place as well as the equipment used in doing so.

our caviar processing

our caviar is processed by the masters which working on this filed for more than 20 years .

our caviar is packaged in tow ways :

1-one kg and 500 g packing which will packed into metal cans special caviar boxes or plastic cans special caviar boxes .

2- 30 g up to 250 g packing on metal or glass special caviar boxes . 


our processing factory