about our trouts

all our rainbow trouts are growing in the fresh fountain by 9 to 12 temperature degree which is the best temperature for growing high quality trouts . 

in such temperature fishes growing slowly but the quality in such temperature is increasing and the taste of meat will be the best . 

our trout sizes

our trout sizes for sale are starting from :

300 g to 500g

500 g to 800 g

800 g to 1,5 kg

1,5 kg to 2,5 kg 

2,5 kg to 3,5 kg 

3,5 kg to 4,5 kg 

and  4,5 kg to 5,5 kg

our annual produce fro rainbow trout is 1500 tons .

the processing types

our processing types divided to 5 different type 

1- whole round   ( by losing 0% of weight)

2- whole gutted   ( by losing 20% of weight )

3- headed / gutted   ( by losing 30% of weight )

4- stack   ( by losing 40% of weight )

5- filet    ( by losing 50% of weight )


packing types

our packing terms are depends on to shipped  fresh or frozen . 

for fresh shipments we are using 2 separators plastic which dividing fish from ice powder inside the Styrofoam refrigerator box .

for frozen shipments we can offer different types as :

carton packing 

single plastic into carton packing 

vacuum into carton packing and any other special packing that you would reader to have so fill free to ask us about you special packing type .  

freezing types

the freezing types is also depends on our buyer order that will divide to 2 types :

1- single froze IQF

2- bulk froze IQF

the shelf life for frozen products isfrom 9 to 12 months .

and for fresh products is 7 day  

one of our rainbow trout farms